Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Open Submissions!

Hi all,

As many of you know, Dovetail is a project in its infancy.

I'm looking for submissions by artists who have taken the time to put together a collection of songs online for download or stream. The collections can be full albums, EPs, sketches-- whatever works! I'm shying away from single tracks (for now) as listening to consciously curated collections of tracks gives me more of an opportunity to listen deeply.

That said, ANY collection will do-- and this project is not limited to only electronic/ambient artists! I'll listen to anything: rap, country, heavy metal, pop, rock, spoken word, you name it.  I embarked on this project in the hopes of not only exposing good music to anyone willing to listen, but also to teach myself how to listen passionately to all sorts of music, even if the particular genre has yet to catch my attention.

So come on, don't be shy! You can leave a link in the comments or find me on Twitter (@katieweed). Whatever works best for you works best for me.

My promise: to listen wholeheartedly. I lock myself in a room or listen with noise canceling headphones and let the sounds seep into my brain. I listen through at least twice, often more. I look for the unique, ear-catching, evocative moments. I pay attention to what's being said and what's not being said. I'm fair, I like variety, and my goal is to listen without pretense or prejudice.

That said, if for some reason I choose not to review your music after a submission, I will let you know as soon as possible, and have no problem discussing and reconsidering.

Aiming for ~1 review per week, so get sending! Don't be shy!




    We at Nophi in Atlanta are a homemade, handmade music collective. All our current inventory, from rock to house and idm to dub, is available online for streaming.


  2. ooh.. sounds wonderful..

    hope you enjoy

  3. Okay, I'll test your ears. :-) Here's a page with my 'recent' CD "In Transition" on it. It's got a measure of variety to it. -->
    (Incidentally, I prefer headphones for listening, too.)

  4. Hi there - I'd like to put forward my wordsmith project
    The general idea is to use the tb303 as a tyepwriter and spell out words, phrases and even sentences with it in the hope of discovering interesting musical sequences. These sequences are then accompanied by the a tr707.

  5. I saw your call for music to review on Twitter from Kurt Lorenz's RT. I would like to submit my album Somnogen for your consideration.

    Thank you.

    Saffron Slumber

  6. I`d like to submit my last album "Absolv0" to your attention: